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Em Bulenga, há mais um projecto a ganhar asas. É certo que as coisas correm devagar, mas é impossível exigir-se mais quando os recursos são tão limitados.

O projecto de criação de galinhas, longe de estar a funcionar em pleno, começa a dar os primeiros passos. O Patrick e o William já tinham recebido vários donativos, mas os cerca de 700 euros que enviámos há 3 meses foram decisivos para o arranque do projecto. Com isso, compraram cerca de 250 galinhas! No entanto, ainda não têm dinheiro para a instalação de luz eléctrica e faltam alguns acessórios como comedouros e bebedouros.

O William enviou-nos um email com o ponto de situação em relação a este projecto, o qual partilhamos convosco, mais abaixo. Está em inglês, mas podem usar o Google Tradutor (ou outro tradutor online) se tiverem alguma dificuldade com o inglês.

Entretanto, podem também espreitar o blogue dos rapazes (há lá fotografias com a colheita do milho, no terreno que ajudámos a comprar no ano passado) em http://raising-up-hope.blogspot.com/

The closing balance on the chicken is 4436000 [xelins ugandeses], by the time we started the project that was the money.
The expenditure was inevitable and it was authorised by those who donated the money .thus the chicken project started with an opening balance of 4436000,…but the budgeted amount for the chicken was 6560000shilligs. However the project would not have started if rita and lina did not fundraise for that amount u see in the cash flow, so we thank them so much for what they did.
We would like to send big thanks to  truac and theresa for their efforts towards the project , thanks very much for always not letting us down.
Most especially I would like to thank the family of randeep and jamie for the greater investment that they initiated and we are so grate full that the opportunity went to the children of raising up hope for uganda . with greater appreciation we thank u for these structures u put up that have helped us to start this project .
As if not enough  big thanks goes to the land who has helped us with this pierce of land where this project us , in addition to that we would like to thank all Ruhu staff for their contribution. May the good lord bless u all.
As regards to the update , just to tell that sometimes there things to wonder about , that u thought they had died but then the hope and blessings rose back and now am so glad and confident to tell u  that its now three weeks and coming to a month since the start of the chicken project,,,,in other words the chicken project has already commenced.
The chicken project kicked off with the budgeted number of 250 chickens and additional 15 chickens.
The first day sounded like a joke believed that the farm could have any chicken since there was a little signs of success on the availability of funds to start the project.
However  things have showed more light and hope these past three weeks as the chickens now have grown wings and totally flying to some heights , its joy to look at them growing at the same size and changing colour thus getting more and more beautifull and encouraging.
A midst a very unfair weather , characterised with a lot of rain fall day and night coupled with the limited resources to cover all the holes (air gapS) in the chicken coop , and lack of funds to acquire electricity  in the coop  which has resuited  into higher charcoal and fuel expenses , in addition to the high eating rate of the chicken ,,,,,, it was hard to believe that the chickens could last for  a week.
However we are glad to say that though a few  of them have died , we have songs of joy  on our hearts as we start the road to self sustainabilty.
We must infor u that we purchased 250 chickens and a few start up equipments because though the money was not enough the best thing we needed to do is to start the project  with any resources we had and believe God for more support.
As have told u at the start things have not been easy as we have started and thus we have been challenged with afew materials and epuipments and still needing more support to push on the project because there is no electricity power in the chicken coop,lack of resources enough resources for fuel, charcoal, more drinkers and feeding troughs, few coverings to protect them from the cold weather, nit enough resources for the chicken mash,,,,etc
We have hope that there is a big plan for this project  and we believe that it will bear fruits in the future.
Fortunately to be noted God has provided  a good and well experienced  chicken helper  who praises the lord always for these chicken and sings with them all the time. There is a lot of more joy in what she is doing and we thank God for all is taking place . remember all things work for the good of those who love him …………
In conclusion however , we would like to thank everyone who has contributed  to this initaitive  and we  continue to ask for more support and prayers to this projecct…..
Best wishes


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