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Hoje publicamos o email e a foto do Patrick para todos os amigos de Bulenga.

Convidamos todos os U-ganda amigos a deixarem, na zona dos comentários, uma resposta, as boas festas…o que quiserem. Tentem fazê-lo em inglês para que as crianças consigam entender. Se quiserem podem usar este link para a tradução: http://translate.google.com/

FELIZ NATAL!!! We love you Bulenga!

Dear Friends,
We want to take a moment to say “Thank You!” for working together with Raising Up Hope for Uganda to provide love, care and hope to so many children in Uganda. YOU are making a major difference and the lives of children and they are very appreciative of your support.
In addition to caring for our children, it is also our heart to teach them that it is more blessed to give than to receive. The children are flourishing more today than ever and are now learning to be a blessing to others.

As you share gifts of love with your family and friends this Christmas, please consider partnering to help an orphaned child, too.
Words truly cannot express how thankful we are for all of our RUHU partners! Together we have made a difference in so many lives and we are excited to see the amazing things that will happen in 2011!

You are in our thoughts and prayers this Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Fotos de Boas Notícias!

As crianças entraram nas férias do Natal e tiveram boas notas! Agora é tempo de brincadeiras, uma actividade de energia infinita por terras de Bulenga!

Para além disso, a organização dos rapazes já tem certificado e agora pertence à Child at Risk Action Network!

Mas as boas notícias não ficam por aqui: com a ajuda de outros voluntários, os rapazes estão a construir uma capoeira para criarem galinhas e venderem ovos. Mais um projecto sustentável! Good work!

O Patrick conta tudo neste email que nos enviou e a seguir seguem-se as fotos!

U-ganda Projecto enviou também esta semana 250 euros para dar seguimento ao projecto de costura e garantir um Natal recheado às crianças. U-ganda Obrigada a Todos!!!



How are you Rita and Lina, hope all is well with. Today I would like to update about what is going on at home ( orphanage).

As you may know our children are now in their holiday officially  and many of our children did well in school and we are excited and proud of our children due to what they are turning to be, we thank God for each and every single of them. As for holiday we have made Christmas calendar for our children each time we have got the activity for them as well we have got teams among the children each team has to be creativity each to win and get high mark then on 24 we will be giving prices for the team that as scored high grades. Which is really fun for our children and it seems they like it as you may see in picture that I have attached.

Raising Up Hope for Uganda, has been given a certificate as the one of the organization that rescue children at risk and we are now member of child at risk network, we have gone through training  learn more about children for 2 years, we also gone through six modules; child protection policy, child wel-being, financial and accountability, governance, people care, project planning. That is the training that we have gone through plus implementing them in our organization, thus we were the 2 people of implementing and changing lives of streets.

Right now, Raising Up Hope for Uganda is in the process of being sustainable as there was someone found us online came visit us and donated some money to build the chicken coop so that we can raise chicken to lay eggs, sell eggs and above all the children to change food diet.

The construction of the chicken coop is still going on and I will be giving you the updates as time goes on.

Thank you very much for all that are standing with us as we are carrying on the changing lives of children at risk.

Patrick on behalf


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